Help to feed people facing food insecurity, one meal at a time

Many Australians struggle to get meals on the table each day.
Through our work, every $2 donated turns into one meal for a vulnerable community member.

Connecting through food.


Alex Makes Meals began when one university student made meals for medical staff, during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. 

Now, Alex Makes Meals dedicates itself to easing food insecurity for homeless and disadvantaged youth by providing warm, tasty meals.

Presently, Alex Makes Meals: 

Makes 3000+ meals a week 
• Delivers to 50+ locations 
• Has a team of 80+ volunteers


Join the movement.

Your donation will help us to provide warm, tasty meals to young people trapped in cycles of homelessness and poverty. 

You can significantly help improve the lives of young people who are suffering from food insecurity by making a monthly donation. 

Only your continued assistance can help us solve one of Australia’s worst social problems: youth homelessness.


...and make some meals (and more)!

Alex Makes Meals is a youthful organisation driven by compassion and generosity. Consider joining our team to reap the following benefits: 

Help homeless youth suffering from food insecurity by being a part of our long term solution.

Meet new people and become connected to your community in a fun, collaborative environment

Gain hands-on experience in your field, be it cooking, marketing, law, or fundraising. You'll learn a lot, and iIt will look great on your resume!


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