Alex Makes Meals includes many volunteers who devote their time and expertise to providing meals and food security to homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Our team is devoted to sustainable meal preparation. We thrive in a diverse, generous and collaborative community dedicated to serving our community.

Volunteer in your community as a Delivery Driver, Kitchen Hand or Chef, or join us behind the scenes in our Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, and Fundraising teams.

Join us and help ease food insecurity for homeless and disadvantaged youth now.

benefits of volunteering
Help Homeless Youth

Joining Alex Makes Meals means that you play an active role in providing warm, tasty meals for homeless youth. Giving the gift of food security to our most vulnerable youth means they can focus on living and growing without wondering what they are going to eat.

Help Others and Feel Good

Connect with your community and feel good that you are making a difference. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you’ve improved someone’s day with a warm, tasty meal.

Meet New People

Volunteering with Alex Makes Meals gives you the opportunity to make new friends and connect with your community. Work with like-minded people, connect with recipients and feel proud knowing that you are making a difference.

Gain Experience 

Students, job-seekers and those looking to change careers are encouraged to join Alex Makes Meals. Working with us means you will gain practical experience in your field and make a difference in your community. Forge connections and be mentored by an experienced and energetic team of volunteers.