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Spread love this Christmas, donate a meal on behalf of a loved one

Dedicate your donation to a loved one and send them a thank you note for spreading love this holiday season to those in our communities.

Step 1: Choose $20, $50 or $100 in the donation box and follow the steps to donate.
If you would like to make more than one donation (i.e. donating on behalf of multiple people), enter a custom amount that is a multiple of the value, e.g. for five $50 cards, enter $250 into the Custom Amount box.
Step 2:
Once you have completed your donation, you will receive an email with a donation receipt. Follow the link in this receipt to download your card(s).
Step 3:
Personalise your card(s) and send it to your loved ones to let them know of your special gift!

Your donation will go towards our mission to fight hunger and most importantly, provide delicious meals made with love for those in need.

Image of three Christmas cards with festive characters and jokes on them.

It's the Season of Giving. Gift a meal to those in need.

This Christmas, give the gift of a delicious meal made with love to those in need. A meal provided by Alex Makes Meals shows individuals doing it tough that they are not alone and that the community is here to support them. Every donation helps us make meals and spread much needed joy in our communities this season. 

Feed more than just your family, and help us fight hunger this holiday season.

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